Welcome to Barney and Associates

Barney and Associates is a complete technical, marketing writing and web consulting company. We have years of experience with web design, documentation, marketing materials, training and web / search engine optimization. Our clients are in the computer, high-technology, telecommunications, financial, green energy, sustainability, government, medical, bioscience and sportswear industries.

At Barney and Associates, we believe it is essential to guarantee a final product that truly meets its goals. In following this philosophy, we design our projects to meet the specific needs of each client. We pay close attention to budget, as well as to deadline. And we never sacrifice quality - it's our specialty.

Minimize Ramp-up

Clients rely on our extensive experience and attention to detail. Our extensive experience creating marketing materials, documentation, training materials, online help or Web designs for clients minimizes the ramp-up time for new projects. And we work closely with clients to clearly understand their needs and communicate their messages in a concise and compelling manner.

Expect Delivery

We manage entire projects, from the initial planning stages through final delivery. Or we can come in and help you out in a "crunch." Either way, Barney and Associates delivers a high-quality product on your timetable. At Barney and Associates, we guarantee our results in writing.

Barney and Associates
Beaverton, Oregon 97006

We tell our client's story with a fresh point of view. Our clients can depend on us to do the project quickly and to do it right.
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