Cheryl Berglund Coupé, Scribo, is a freelance technology writer and editor with experience in a wide range of software, hardware (device and systems level), and technology services. Her services include article writing and editing, technical web content, and press and marketing materials.

Laura Pritchard Graphic Design

Laura Pritchard creates custom design solutions that will support your brand, engage your target audience and strengthen your message. She is an enthusiastic team player with more than 20 years experience in typography and graphic design. To see examples of recent projects, go to

Jonathan Petersen, Ontra LLC

Ontra is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service while offering unique and affordable solutions for their customers. With more than two decades of trusted relationships with customers providing a variety of IT and web development solutions, Ontra consistently returns value and more than pays for your investment in their services.

Jack Rubinger, Media Relations

Jack Rubinger has more than 20 years of marketing communications experience -- including stints with major agencies and corporations in both New York City and Portland, Oregon. Focusing on creativity, persistence and substance, Rubinger has produced media relations visibility for a wide range of companies, products and services -- everything from The Wig Information Service to Ocean Spray Cranberries to Drill Doctor. For more information, contact Rubinger at 503-788-7325 or

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